Sea Green Fairy Tale Mermaid Dress

Sea Green Mermaid Dress Tutorial 9This was just going to be a simple project to use up some of my fabric scraps but was amazed by how it turned out even if i did spend 6 hours solid beading the front of the bodice. I cant say what all the materials are that i used and how many meters exactly there were as it was all made from found scraps but id but a estimate on about 6 meters total. Sea Green Mermaid Dress Tutorial process 1

For the bodice i reused one i made over a year ago for another project whitch you can see how i cerated it through the link          For the bodice i used 2 layers of fabric the first mint chiffon and the back a mint cotton to give strength.

Only filling in the front panel of the bodice i pleated strips of ribbon sewing a couple at random like sea waves then came the long part the beading using every think from peals, shells, sequins, buttons, glass beads, seed beads as well as semi precious stone almost every think the right color that i found in my many boxes of just stuff. Lucky for me i real enjoy sticking on my music and stitching as it took over 6 hours to complete the panel done over 2 nights even did some sewing at the pub.

The scales were a bit of an experiment which i liked so much that i decided to use them in the project. Each scale is an is a single piece, 4 cm diameter circal of Chiffon and poly silk about 250 in total. And before you panic i didn’t cut them all out by hand as i am lucky that my parents have a craft business that have laser cutters so got them cut that way in just a couple off mins. Each scale was given i splash of a fabric glitter glue i had then whilst it was still wet i sprinkled a very fine Gold glitter on one side of the scale which meant every single one was different.

I Made a cotton lining for the bodices which was bones using spiral steel boning.

One to the lining layer i attached a series of square scraps of fabric pinched at the center and hug from there.  Mixing up the material and layered them to give that chaotic sense of the sea.

The last few steps i don’t have any photos of but it simply involved sewing the front bodice on to the lining covering the rough edges with bias binding before adding eyelets to the back for lacing it up.

And here you go some of the finished pics. And my friend even managed to get some pics of her with it at the beach like a true mermaid.


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