Hermia’s wedding Dress

OW1-1This dress was going to look a lot different then what it actually turned out to be as the original fabric was very cheap and stiff put i luckily found this amazing silver satin brocade in my trips round the shops and in total only needed 3 mtrs for the dress. Other materials included half a meter of grey cotton, 4 mtrs of blue brocade ribbon and 4 mtrs of white. 1.5 mtr lace and mix of round and tear pearls. The pattern was one i had made for a different project which i’m sorry i don’t have any pics of creating.


The bodice consisted of the silver brocade outer layer and the lining was a cream cotton.


I used a sleeve pattern from another dress i had made as a basis. From the elbow height to the wrist i sewed strips of ribbon brocade in a wave effect similar to the styles of renaissance sleeves and on four points did a simple running stitch to hold them.


With the ribbons attached i sewed the two seams of the sleeve together to form the shape of the sleeve.

with sleeves seams sewn together it was ready to sew on the top section of the sleeve that was puffy. this consisted of a 40 cm by 70 cm rectangle sewn in to a large tube of the silvery brocade. To attach this neatly i sewed it at the top of the ribbons inside out making it look neatly joined on the out side. The top edge was sewn on the correct side and pleated on to the top of the base sleeve before being attached on to the dress. IMG_0128I added some lace decoration around the neck line of the bodice then along the edge i added a couple of little pearls to added decoration.


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