Piromus and Thisbe A Mid Summer Nights Dream

The play with in a play from a Mid Summer Nights Dream the two lovers who speak to one another through the crack in the wall. All though these characters are not major with in the play, i was creating as many of the costume that i could for my college final piece basing each costume upon a historic painting.

I took inspiration for the costumes from painter John William Godward

To create the Greek Chiton was very basic using a full 4 mrts of pink chiffon and 6 gold colored buttons.

Folded the fabric in half sewing up the shorter side to form a large tube from the fabric. i rolled hemed the bottom and top before cutting two 25 cm slits at the sides to act as arm holes.

Along the top i used the buttons to join the two sides together one button on the end of the sides and another on 20 cm in and another on 40 cm along the top edge of each end. the neck hole at first was a little two wide so i pleated it at the top to the right size and secured it with a couple of stitches.


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