Floral 18th century stay

I have always loved 18th century fashion and a night of no sleep led me to creating this in the early hours of the morning.

My usual fabric shop was having a sale on there patterns and they had this 18th century corset one for £4 which is something i don’t usually buy as i prefer to make my own patterns but so glad i did as it was a really well designed pattern. I went with view A from the Butterick B4254 pattern with lacing at the back.  The floral material came from IKEA for about £7 and all the lining was left over scraps of fabric i had.

As i usually do i transfer the pattern pieces on to card as i find them so much easier to work with; this also aloud me to easily mark out all the boning channels as on the card i made holes at all the ends and joins in the line so i could put dots on to the fabric then later join them together like a dot to dot drawing. For each piece i cut four copy’s of it, the top layer floral patterned cotton then two cotton backing layers that would strengthen the two sides front and back then the last layer was the back made of a pink cotton.

The above pic shows all the channel lines that i drew on to the back of the fabric. In the end i doubled each of the channels by putting two channels in the space of every one that the pattern suggested. This was for two reasons. The first the boning i had was 5 mm wide rather than 10 mm as well a historically the boning would have been thinner like mine compared to the design suggestions. I sewed along each of the lines with the 4 layers of fabric together as this formed the boning channels.

For my boning i uses two strips of corset reed, which is historically correct, for each channel cutting the length to size then rounding the top edges with scissors to stop them from taring the fabric. Some of the boning had to be put in place before i could sew all the channels as otherwise there would have been no way to slip it in to the middle of the layers of fabric.

finishing the edges of took its time and patience using a 1 cm wide binding which to neatly work around all the edges i hand stitched it then when over it with the sewing machine.

All of the eyelets were hand stitched which was along process with 24 in total but was well worth it.

It was a bit of a rainy day for a photo shoot but managed 10 mins before it started raining.


Will hope full have a proper photo-shoot soon


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