Titania Queen Of the Fairy’s Costume


First of the set of costumes i created for a Mid Summer Nights Dream

I love how this dress turned out as it was quite simple to make, so i spent the whole time worrying that i wasn’t doing enough but it turned out really well, and was beautifully modeled by my friend rowan.

The dress was also not that expensive to make as almost all of the fabric came from charity shop finds or was donated to me from friends. I used a pattern that i had created using draping on the mannequin technique on a previous project.

I used a white cotton as the lining for the bodice and on the top a silky white brocade which came from some pillow cases that i found at a charity shop. The bottom layer was made from a white cotton that i cartridge pleated onto the inner bodice lining before sewing the two parts together. On top of the under skirt I sewed two layers of Voile the first in pink which consisted of 3 mtrs that opened at the front of the dress with another layer on top which was 2 mtrs of purple voile.

The sleeves i made of the same brocade as the bodice which was backed on to a plain cotton so that i would be able to have the bottom of the sleeves tight which was sewn flat on to the cotton backing. Then the top layer puffy made from a large rectangle of the brocade which was pleated midway on the sleeve then again at the top of the sleeve.

The cloak was really basic with 4 layers of fabric the bottom 3 made from blue, pink and purple voile each one measuring 3 mtrs by 1.5 mtrs these were then sewn to the shoulders of the dress allowing it to drape loosely from the shoulders the last layer was 4 mtrs of tulle which again was sewn to the top of the shoulders.

To top the dress off i created a simple flower crown from fake flowers that i sewed on to a circular wire frame. Using a hot glue gun I attached a couple of white feathers in around the flowers then finished it off by gluing a couple more flowers on top.

These are some of the finished pics from the photos shoot based on the paintings by John William Waterhouse.



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