Pantomime Time: Birds of A Feather

P1050468I Have been part of my panto group Moorlight productions for almost 10 years now and have loved every minuet. Each year i have acted in it but this year i got the opportunity to make a couple of costumes as well as mine so i thought i would do a little write up and put some pictures of them up. Sorry but don’t have a full tutorial of me making them as had to rush to finish them in time. i got the part of Goosepimples the Crow one of the two birds Goosepimples and Nippy ,played by one of my close friends Rowan, that made the comedy duo. Its fair to say we both had a wail of a time playing these parts and pretending to fly around the stage with are wings even if on one of the nights we might have scared a kid.

Here we two birdy’s are15799989_1760135687639112_5273311416871205347_o

The wings were the coolest part of the costume though did take a while to make each wing consisting of 10 neoprene hand painted large feathers that worked like a opening fan to allow us to move.

The first wing i made consisted of 18 parts not 10 which the picture above shows but i found that this got in the way and made it difficult to use our arms so i changed the bottom 8 to fabric then made the other 10 out of neoprene foam with a steel support wire sewn in to it. these parts were then sewn to the sleeve of our jacket with and over lay of laser cut feathers to make it look more realistic.

The Jacket pattern i design from scratch using my favourite method of draping on the stand.  For the trousers i used the same method from my clown costume which can be seen here

Quick Studio photos more so i could have an excuse to wear it to collage.

A Couple of back stage and on stage Photos


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