Pastel Clown Costume


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls i welcome you to my circus of costume creations, this week presenting my clown. This was a bit of a sper of the moment creation as i was sorting through all my fabric scraps and had loads of pink and mint bits, typical of me to suddenly think clown.

I was very lucky to get away with not buying a single bit for this creation as its interly made of off cuts and fabric scraps from my previous costumes. And buttons were donated to me from a friend.

Here’s the fashion sketch i drafted before i made P1050976 (2).jpg

I had made a bird costume a couple of weeks ago so used the pattern i had made of the jacket for this project. Don’t have any pictures of me making the jacket pattern but i used my usual technique of draping on the stand.With the pattern pieces cut out i took lots of scrape fabric and cut them in to strips so that i could sew them on the the jacket base.

I wanted to create patchwork and mismatch style so used 5 different buttons then tailored each button hole to each buttons size.

Instead of long thin strips of scrap fabric for the sleeves i used an assortment of different squares that were sen on to a base piece then attached to the jacket its self.wp_20170117_004

The trousers were nice and simple just 4 rectangles with the dip like the one above sewn together then sewn on to elastic waist band and leg holes. The rectangle pattern piece was 60 cm by 90 cm.

Like the trousers the neck ruffle was fairly strait forward with a circular base layer of mint material then a long ruffled strip of spotty organza sewn on to then sen on to a neck colour piece.

And thats the end of the show

Just Clowning Aroundpastel-clown-tutorial-13pastel-clown-tutorial-15


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