Chinese HanFu Costume

chinesse-han-fu-costume-tutorial-1I’ve always been fascinated with HanFu garments as there is something very fairy tale about them with the colours comely used and the light soft fabrics of silks and chiffon’s used. Had a little spare time over the Christmas holidays so decided to make one for my self.


4 M Mint Polyester silk

4 M Mint Chiffon

3 M Peach Polyester silk

3 M Peach Chiffon

Half A Meter of Blue Cotton

4 M Of Peach Ribbon

Here We Go

The beginning was really nice and easy as it consisted of cutting 4 (2 of them in chiffon and the others in the mint poly silk) rectangle 2 m wide by the height from bust to toes.

I then cut two more rectangles this time a lot smaller at 12 cm by 40 cm with an front and inner lining to them. These act as the top of the dress then i took one of the large chiffon rectangles and one of the poly silk and ruffled them till the length was the same as the small one so they could then be sewn together. It did the same with the other rectangles, to have two matching sides. I then put the two sides together and sewed them together stopping 20 cm from the top of the dress. Pink ribbon was sewn on to the sides so that the dress could be fastened just above the bust.

The sleeves where giant squares 60 cm buy  60 cm with a one edge cut in partially so that they would dip in to massive sleeves. I made the first pear out of the satin silk as these would go in side the chiffon ones. wp_20161229_006When making the chiffon sleeves i enlarge the bottom edge by 10 cm so the poly silk ones would fit nicely inside. wp_20161229_007The main bit of the jacket was a simple rectangle 60 cm by 40 cm which i folded in half then sewed half way up the side seam leaving space for the arm holes. On one side of the jacket i cut a strait line in the centre up to where the neck line would be to form the front, then edged this opening with silk bias binding. wp_20161229_008Last part was sewing the sleeves on to the pink chiffon jacket to finish the second part to the costume.

Finished Hurrah 🙂chinesse-han-fu-costume-tutorial-3chinesse-han-fu-costume-tutorial-8chinesse-han-fu-costume-tutorial-15chinesse-han-fu-costume-tutorial-9


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