Simple Brown and Cream Renaissance Dress

dsc_0275I Don’t usually use or enjoy making costume from a pre made pattern however i got inspired to make this dress when i found a medieval costume pattern, brand new for only £4 so i thought why not. It also helped that i had some fabric already at home that i had got from a charity shop as a curtain for a bargain.

I used roughly 5 mtrs of the brown curtain fabric then 3 of the white cotton. at the Pattern i used was Mccalls 6141 Renaissance dress pattern.


The pattern was pretty simple and did not need hundred of different pieces which made cutting it out quick and easy.

When cutting out the Curtain Fabric i did my best to match pattern pieces x 2 to the same part of the pattern on the fabric as this gives an even finish to the dress.

I started on the bodice first adding a cotton lining as i went as the under side of the curtain fabric wasn’t the softest. the notches i cut out on the edge was so that when the bodice was turn out side in then the fabric layers could be ironed out flatly.

The sleeve was the hardest part of the dress as it was not one piece but instead 4 as i put both the sleeve styles from the pattern in to one. The main sleeve consisted of two parts to and bottom then the 3 rd was a rectangular shape which i ruffled on one edge before sewing it midway up the sleeve to form the lose draped sleeve.

Piece 4 was made from the curtain fabric then ruffled and sewn on to the top section of the sleeve for the puffy part, with this done it was simply sewing it to the bodice. After the last bit to the bodice was the semi circle front piece which was a circle of cream cotton folded in half the sewn on.

Finished Bodice

The skirt Was a simple case of sewing the pieces together then ruffling the top edge and sewing it to the bodice.

To fasten the back of the dress i used a hand stitched eyelet method however mine were far from neat as the fabric was thick and it was my first go at doing them, but in the end it got them done.

Finished Garment



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