Season Inspired Dress Collection

This Blog Post isn’t going to be a step by step tutorial but instead a documentation of my collage project for my journeys project from a year ago which i biased on the seasonal journey of the forest which i communicated through textiles and costume. My Final out come was presented in  4 garments that i had design and made each one representing a different season Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring Costume

My first step to beginning the garment was to decide on what makes spring, spring from colour to shape of the plants that grow within this season. For me the pastel colours of greens and pink blossoms became my starting point as well as the fullness of the plants. With this in mind i set to work designing the dress and came up with a pink and mint ball gown design hand sewn with lots of little laser cut flowers and beads.

FullSizeRender (1)P1010221P1010215FullSizeRender (18)FullSizeRender (12)

Summer Dress

Using rich green materials i set about making my summer dress. Although the shape of this one was far more simpler than the rest of the dresses i made i delicately decorated the neck line with hand embellishments and beads in floral patterns.DSC_0372DSC_0381DSC_0377dsc_0404


Autumn Dress

The focus of my autumn dress was on the earth colours and swirling chaotic flurry of the falling leaves from the trees.


Winter Dress

The last dress was the winter one which was probably my favourite with bare trees that i had printed on to the chiffon skirt and over 4000 very small glass sead beads sewn on to the bodice in silvers, whites, incandescence and clear.DSC_0436dsc_0447dsc_0425dsc_0457dsc_0460


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