Renaissance Inspired Green Dress

P1030140 (2)

I was delighted with the gorgeous fabric find for this dress which consisted of two curtains  that i found going for under a £5 in one of my local charity shops. In total i got 4 m by 2 m of the lovely pattern green fabric and 2 m by 2.5 m of the white. All i needed to do to put them to good use, was to design a dress to use the fabric on. The design i came up with was based on the Italian renaissance period however with my own changes to make it fantasy inspired.

To start with i had to create a pattern from scratch as i did not have any that i had previously made that would be right.

To do this i used the method of draping on the stand which i marked out a guide line in ribbon on the mannequin so that as i pinned and darted the fabric i could match it to to the ribbon guide line. once i had the fabric pieces i transferred each piece on to pattern paper and added a seam on to the pattern so that i could start making it in to the dress.

Transferring the pattern and cutting out fabric.

Once all the parts were cut out it was quick and simple to sew them all together and put the darts in.

WP_20160725_001.jpgAround the edge of the neck line i hand sewed lots of little peals to add detail to the costume.

With the front of the bodice all sewn together and decorated i cut a repeat of the pattern this time in cotton to use for the lining the inside of the bodice.

Attaching the top edge of the waist band to the bodice

The skirt was simple made of three parts two large green fabric rectangle

When attaching the skirt to the waist band i pleated the skirt fabric with 1 inch pleats, before sewing it all together.

WP_20160801_001.jpgLast step was to put the eyelets on to the back of the dress or lacing it up. For this i used the method of creating a hole in the fabric then blanket stitching around it with a small jump ring in side to give strength.

Finished garment

P1030141 (2)p1030148-2P1030140 (2)p1030181-2p1030139-2


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