Floral Beaded Cape Fit for a Princess

dsc_0292This was a little sewing project i did as i had loads of little laser cut flowers left of from a spring inspired ball gown i did  a few months back.It was a grate project that was simple to make with a lovely out come.

Materials consisted of

1.5 m pink taffeta

1.5 m cream cotton

1 x cape clasp

Lots of mixed laser cut flowers. (These i cut out my self as i have accesses to lasers I can custom them for any interested just drop me a message)

First step was to cut a circle of the pink taffeta with a diameter which was around 1 m in the centre of the circle, i then cut a smaller circle this one was 16 cm diameter.the last bit was to cut a strait line from the edge to the centre.

With the material cut out i worked my way around the edge of the cape pining the flowers then hand beading each one using different patterns to get variety and colour evenly spread over the cape.

I cut around the pink fabric so that i knew that the cotton lining would be exactly  the same size.

Sewing the parts inside out so then i cut notches out around the edge so when turn inside out it was neat.

Using a rectangle with angled edges i created the collar, attached to the main cape which was plated to the same length of the collar.

To finish the cape off i brought cloak clasps, from i a medieval fair i when too, for just under £5.

Finished cape  The making of a princess capedsc_0293

The making of a princess cape

dsc_0290The making of a princess capedsc_0294The making of a princess capedsc_0303




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