Snow White Cosplay

P1030451 (2)

I did this sketch for this costume over one and a half years ago as well as having all the fabric sat in a pile on my shelf but i can now finally say i got round to making it. Had a grate photo shoot with it as well being beautifully modelled by my friend Frankie, every bit the Disney princess.

I didn’t follow my original design completely, instead made a few minor changes along the way. `

I over Brought on the blue and red but only by a bit and i will always find over projects to use the left overs in.


Yellow Tulle 6.5 m

Yellow Cotton 1 m

Red and Blue Velvet 1 m each

Blue Cotton 1 m

Golden Bias Binding 3 m

The Dress Was made of two parts The Tulle Petie Coat and the dress

The Under skirt was nice and easy as the only pieces i  used were different rectangle. The first bit was was the Yellow cotton waist band 3 x the length of the waist size and 20 cm wide which i then over locked all for of the edges. Using the tulle, i cut it in to 4 long strips of 40 cm by 3 m which i then ran a gathering stitch along the top edge. Using thinner strips of tulle  (Which You can see in a lighter yellow then the bigger strips) only 10 cm wide by 6 m i gathered in the same way; only folding it as i went. This helped give volume to the skirt as smaller strips were sewn on to the bottom edge of the wider ones.

Each strip was made in to a individual circle by joining both of its sides together on the sewing machine. This left me with four separate layers of the skirt that took a good 30 mins to line up neatly and pin together. Afterwards i folded the waist band in half runing a line of elastic through centre.

I over locked the ends of the waist band for neatness shakes before sewing the two ends together. with the waist band done it was time to put the tulle layer on to it with i found was easier if you run a tacking stitch over the 4 tulle layers before then sewing the waist band on to it for the last part to the tulle skirt. I’m Not going to lie, I will amitt i spent the rest of my day wearing the skirt pretending to be a fairy.

Now on to the main dress, i was using a pattern for my dress which i already had made previously which you can find in my blog post for Fairy Tale Chiffon Ball Gown. i started with the lining cutting out all the piece then sewing them all together. Along each seam i ran strips of tubing which later on would be used for boning channels.

Quick Picks of me cutting and securing the boning to the corset.

For the front of the bodice i decorated the panel with hand embroidery using a design i had made myself.

Using the same pattern as the lining i cut the rest of the panels out of a lovey blue velvet i got may hands on. These parts were all sewn together then attached to the yellow front panel, before being pinned to the lining i made at the beginning.

Once i had matched the bodice inside and outside i ran satin gold bias binding across the top and bottom. To fasten the garment i fitted metal eyelets running up the back.

The skirt was a little tricky as it involved three layers Blue, Red and gold which each had to be pleated, pinned then hand sewn on to the bias binding. The first layer was the shortest  (made of rectangular pieces) and only went just over half way around the bodice; the next which was red was a bit longer and went a couple of cm further around then the blue. Last layer was the longest made of the gold polyester and went all the way around the bodice.

The last stage was the puffy sleeves. They were fairly simple but took a little bit of work due to the hand beading i added. For the base layer i cut a rectangle 1.5 time bigger than my arm and 10 cm wide out of cotton with i could then use as a base to pin the pleated red velvet which was a little wider and longer than the base. To go on top of the red velvet i made strips of the blue velvet in to ribbon shapes each decorated with sequins and beads, all hand sewn on. There was eight of these strips on each sleeve. Last step was to use gold bias binding around the edges of the sleeve inserted with elastic to adjusted to arm size of the wearer which were secured to the top of the bodice with thread.  p1030452-2p1030455-2p1030461-2p1030463-2p1030464-2p1030465-2p1030467-2p1030468-2p1030472-3p1030473-2p1030476-2p1030495p1030496


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